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As Finn leaned over to grab a Chewbacca bookmark from the coffee table, Dean was reminded of the binder from last night.

"Hey, you writin' a book or something?" Dean asked, and Finn's head shot up with an eyebrow arched. "I uh...you had a bunch of notes and drawings and stuff on your desk. They looked cool."

"I left that out?" Finn's voice was hardly above a whisper, his eyes now widened with what seemed to be fear, and Dean's response mirrored that.

"I didn't read it or nothing!" Dean assured him, now talking with his hands to put emphasis on his words. "I was puttin' my stuff down and saw the drawings. Did you draw 'em?"

"N-no," Finn stuttered, his face flushed. "Other people drew them. I uh...commissioned them."

Dean wanted to ask more about Finn’s ideas, but judging from the response, he probably wasn’t supposed to know that they even existed; the silence that moments ago felt comfortable was now awkward, and he worried that perhaps he had violated some unspoken boundary in his friends’ home. Just as he was about to excuse himself to anywhere that wasn’t the living room, Finn cleared his throat.

“You a fan of Star Wars, Dean?” The question delicately hung in the air.

“Shit yeah, dude!” Dean eagerly answered, almost lurching forward in excitement. The expression on Finns’ face was thoughtful and he seemed to be weighing some options.

“So you know how there’s Dungeons and Dragons? Where you pretend like you’re a warrior or a wizard?”

“I know what D&D is,” Dean snorted. “Xavier tried to get a couple of the guys to play when we were on the road. Never worked out too well ‘cause everyone wanted to be a fighter or a barbarian; ‘cept me, I was a damn good rogue.”

“That actually makes a lot of sense.” A grin was shot at Dean, which he returned. “Well they made one for Star Wars, and I even have the rulebooks and a few supplement books, but I could never find anyone to play with.”

“Wait, get out. So you can like...be a Sith lord an’ stuff?” Dean’s eyes went wide with wonder at what his imagination supplied him.

“If you wanted. But as I said, I’ve never gotten to actually play it, so I just...sort of came up with my own story; like what if me friends were in Star Wars and what roles would they play, stuff like that.” In the process of explaining his concept, Finn’s face had gone pink and his gaze was firmly fixed to the floor.

“What kind of character are you in it?”

“Well, I’m sort of like a cross between Han Solo and a Jedi. Sort of like a tweener force user.”

“Really? That’s awesome!” Dean’s enthusiasm seemed to pry Finn out of his shell bit by bit. “Is Sami a character? Is he like your Leia?” Then he gasped. “Wait, can I be a character?”

“Do you want to?” Finn looked up. “I mean, this probably all sounds rather silly, but-”

“Finn, make me a goddamn Star Wars character.” There wasn’t a hint of flippancy in Dean’s voice or body language, and Finn nodded.

“Alright, yeah. Wanna...you wanna help me get the stuff? We can write something up, if you want.” Before Finn finished his sentence, Dean was already up and on his way back to the guest room.

“So can I look through the binder?” Dean called out as he glanced over the bookshelf and located a large hardcover book titled Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, then pulled it down.

“If you’d like.” Finn’s voice was much closer than before, and Dean spun around to see him standing in the doorway. “There’s a few more sourcebooks as well, if you want to get really in depth.”  

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