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It felt as though he’d never fallen asleep in the first place, but when light filtered through venetian blinds and hit his face, Dean realized that he actually felt rested for the first time in over 48 hours. He debated rolling over and trying to maybe catch a few more minutes of sleep, but a knock at the door had him jolting upright in bed.

“Dean, you awake?” Sami’s voice came from the other side.

“Yeah. You can come in, I’m decent.” Dean called back and the door opened, Sami’s face peeking from around it.

“Hey, I’m about to run out and get groceries, and then bring back lunch after that. You want a sandwich or anything?”

“Wait, what time is it?” Dean scratched at his facial scruff.

“A little past 11 now.”

“Shit, didn’t mean to sleep in. Sorry."

“Nah, you’re our guest and it seems like you needed it.”

“Alright. Can you grab me a meatball sub?”

“Sure can. Finn’s around, he doesn’t have therapy today. Maybe you can watch Ancient Aliens with him?”

“I can fend for myself!” Finn called out from somewhere in the livingroom, and Sami visibly winced.

“Sami, go take care of your chores,” Dean chuckled. “Don’t worry about us.”

“Hm.” Sami grunted in acknowledgement before he disappeared. Dean waited several minutes before he rolled out of the bed and exited the guest room, just in time to see Sami kiss Finn's forehead and then walk out the front door with a few reusable tote bags. Sure enough, Ancient Aliens was on the TV, but Finn only seemed to be partially interested as he focused on the book in his left hand, occasionally looking up when Tsoukalos says something particularly outlandish. Once the car was heard starting outside the apartment, Finn put the book down and turned his attention to Dean.

“I love him, but he’s drivin’ me up a fuckin’ wall.” Finn’s expression was mirthful and tone affectionate, and Dean burst out laughing.

“He knows. Told me last night on the way here. Don’t think he can help it, though.” Dean offered and took a seat on the other side of the sectional.

“Nah, I know that. He means well, and once I’m out of the sling for good, he ought to settle down. For now I just kind of roll with it when he’s around and try not to be too crabby.”

“Y’know it’ll only pick back up when you’re getting ready to get back in the ring.”

“And I’m sure for several months after that as well.” They both laughed at that, and then Finn sighed. “Is it awful that I’m saying any of this?”

“I’m not gonna judge you. You got a lot on your plate right now, and sometimes having someone bein’ like that adds to it, even if they don’t mean to. Just lettin’ him fret instead’a snapping probably means you’re a good person.”

“Probably.” Finn snorted. It was quiet for a few minutes as they both watched a commercial for a local area Halloween attraction, and Dean was relieved that they were at the point where stretches of silence between them was no longer uncomfortable.


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