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 With no plans between Thursday-Sunday (beyond trying to get some Cold 911) and no clients lined up for freelance work, I have 4 days of freedom that, I have loudly declared, are ME TIME. I'm hoping that between now and Sunday, I can get a huge chunk taken out of the following:
  • Chapter 1 of the ghost fic  and Tyler (ohenzoamore) and I have been SLOWLY chipping away at.
  • Chapter 2 of the Garchomp story.
  • MAYBE getting to the half-way point of the Corey/Elias story.

And then here are some stretch goals that I'd really like to get to, but since they're going to involve a lot of time and effort, I've put off:
  • Editing Sweet Disposition; I don't think that this will be a major overhaul in content, but there is a LOT that I want to work on and adjust. I'm aware that it contains a lot of glaring flaws that are not surprising given that it was the first thing that I had written in 10 years, but  I've been writing almost every single day for roughly 8 months, so I'm REALLY eager to revise and tune up this Bad Mama Jama and give it the polish that I couldn't quite deliver before.  
  • Posting Never Too Soon. This is Finn's counterpart to Sweet Disposition, and since I'm still working on A LOT of it and I know that it'll become the Ultimate Priority once I start posting it, so I want to try to get as much out of the way as possible before then.
There are a lot of other minor projects as well, but none of them have been put down on paper yet, like reincarnation cycle fic, the "sexy apron" one, or the Ember/Mandy idea that I have.
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